1718 Coverlet BOM


One day a month for 15 months

Full day class - £45 joining fee and then £47.50 per month

Cost includes includes book 

Ref 150/2018

Started Monday 18th June 2018 from 9.30am to 4.00pm

Course Dates: 18/06/18, 16/07/18, 20/08/18, 15/10/18, 19/11/18, 21/01/19, 18/02/19

                         18/03/19, 15/04/19, 20/05/19, 17/06/19, 15/07/19, 19/08/19, 16/09/19, 21/10/19

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The cost of this course includes a copy of Susan Briscoe’s book, The 1718 Coverlet.


The 1718 Silk Patchwork Coverlet is the oldest dated British patchwork, and it was originally constructed in the mosaic patchwork tradition of piecing over papers.  2018 sees the 300 year anniversary of its making and this is your chance to join in the celebrations by making a replica ‘family heirloom’ using modern fabrics and techniques.


There are 69 blocks overall ranging from simply pieced geometric designs to representative motifs that include people, flowers, hearts, pheasants, deer, cats, swans, and a lion and a unicorn.  Blocks are differently sized which adds to its overall appeal.  Whether you decide to make this from your stash or buy new fabrics specially the result will be fantastic.


Throughout the course you will be able to choose whether to assemble a complete quilt top for quilting, use quilt as you go methods or simply make it as a two layer coverlet like the original (no wadding).  You will also have plenty of opportunities to personalise your work and of course make your own dated signature label for people to admire in 2318!!



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