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Please see FAQ for commonly asked questions such as “what do I need to bring to class?”

Tea and Tiffin

One Day a month for 3 months

Joining fee - £100 includes a hand painted Tiffin Tin and 3 kits, followed by £55 per month


Ref 325-2023 - fully booked 

Starting Friday 13th October 2023 9.30am to 3.30pm

Course Dates:13/10/2024, 10/11/2024, 08/12/2024

Or – Save £25 


By making a one-off payment of £240 which includes a hand painted Tiffin Tin, 3 kits and three class days.  

Alongside Embroidery, hand applique and EPP, I also love traditional Indian Kantha quilting and Japanese Sashiko and I could easily see how these small projects would fit.  As a result, I commissioned two authentic Tiffin Tins hand painted by Kashmari artists from India.  Then, when students in class saw them, they all wanted one too and asked me to design a course based around the use of Tiffin Tins.  This is the result! 


On this short 3-day course you will each receive your very own hand-painted Tiffin Tin, 3 project kits and some teatime goodies. 

Experience Level - Beginner – suitable for complete beginners and anyone new to a specific technique

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