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History of Silk by Clive Garner

In January 2022 Clive Garner was kind enough to offer to share his work on the History of Silk with us for our email newsletter articles.

Clive Garner was my first male student alongside his wife Gwyn. 


He has been involved with the arts throughout his life.... 

'As a boy I took part in drama and theatre but in my teens I began to develop an interest in the visual arts.  I tried water colour painting but never seemed to achieve the results I wanted.  I also tried jewellery-making and silver-smithing before a chance discovery  in 1995 led me to experiment with painting on silk.  '

We've enjoyed reading the articles so much, and hope that you have too, so we have decided to make all of the parts available to read / download from this page.  Click on the 'PDF' button that you would like to read and it should pop up on your screen to view. You can also see a gallery of his wonderful silk paintings below, which illustrate the text in the articles.


We shall be making a new part available each month, so check back for more ..

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