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Woman Knitting

Needles and Pins

One day a month for 12 months

Joining Fee £15 followed by £45 per month

Ref 330/2024 - one space available

Starting Friday 12th January 2024 9.30am to 3.30pm

Course dates 12/01/24, 09/02/24, 08/03/24, 12/04/24, 10/05/24, 14/06/24,

                       12/07/24, 09/08/24, 13/09/24, 11/10/24, 15/11/24, 13/12/24

We all need a little time where we can just focus on ourselves. Mindful sewing is a great start so this is an opportunity to get together once a month with like-minded people to spend a day hand or machine sewing, embroidering, knitting or crocheting in a supportive atmosphere. Whether you are working on your own projects or making items for charity, there will be plenty of encouragement, advice, and inspiration on hand.

Please see FAQ for commonly asked questions such as “what do I need to bring to class?”

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