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Picture Perfect Flower Vase.jpg

Picture Perfect Quilt

2 Full Days £110


No current dates available

There have always been lots of beautiful fabric panels in the shops but knowing what to do with them can be tricky.  Digital screen printing on fabric has now added to this conundrum as just about any image you desire is now available.


Unfortunately, they are often bought because they are beautiful but then left to languish on the shelf.  After all, cutting them up into smaller pieces could be classed as a criminal act! 


This quilt therefore, has been specifically designed to showcase any fabric panel of your choice.  Using simple cutting and assembly techniques you’ll make this stunning quilt in next to no time.

Please see FAQ for commonly asked questions such as “what do I need to bring to class?”

Picture Perfect Flower Vase.jpg

Make that panel into a picture perfect wall hanging

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