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Pastures New Quilting Class Calendar – Sew with Joy!

For more information about each class please click on the underlined text to be directed to the class page.

For location details and to make a booking, or to add your name to a waiting list click here

To read the Classroom Etiquette click here

I often get asked whether a class is suitable for a particular student so to help you with making the decision I have applied the  following 5 gradings to each course which you will find within the description on each individual class page.  However, these are minimum requirements and are not prescriptive as everyone brings different talents and abilities to the classroom.  If you are still unsure whether a class or course is right for you, please discuss it with me. 

BeginnerThese are suitable for complete beginners or new starters.


NoviceThese classes and courses are suitable for anyone who has completed my introduction to P&Q course or has similar knowledge


IntermediateThese classes and courses are suitable for anyone who has completed at least one block of the month programme and/or made a full-size quilt.


AdvancedThese classes and courses are suitable for anyone who has completed various classes or has a good working knowledge of Patchwork and Quilting.


ExperiencedThese classes and courses are suitable for anyone who has attended a variety of classes and courses and is able to work on their own when appropriate.


Pick and Mix - One Day a month for 12 months - Joining Fee £30 then £55 per month - join any month in 2023.

Click above to see full lists of dates available. Bring along a quilt project of your choice.

Ref 301/2023  Starting Thursday 12th January 2023               9.30am to 3.30pm

Introduction to Free Motion Quilting - One Day Class - £55

Ref 318/2023  Friday 11th August 2023                                     9.30am to 3.30pm

Introduction to Foundation Piecing - One Day Class - £55

Ref 320/2023  Thursday 24th August 2023                                9.30am to 3.30pm

Introduction to Patchwork and Quilting - One Day a Month for 6 months - £30 joining fee plus £50 per month

Ref 316/2023  Thursday 5th October 2023                                9.30am to 3.30pm

Tea and Tiffin - One Day a Month for 3 months - £100 joining fee plus £55 per month - joining fee includes hand painted Tiffin Tin and 3 kits (see page details for special offer)

Ref 325/2023  Friday 13th October 2023                                   9.30am to 3.30pm

Introduction to Applique - One Day Class - £55

Ref 319/2023  Monday 16th October 2023                                9.30am to 3.30pm

Catch-up/ Finishing Day - Half Days £29.50 and Full Days £49.50

Ref 999-2023 - Available dates as follows ..

Friday 9th June 2023

Thursday 22nd June 2023

Saturday 1st July 2023

Thursday 6th July 2023

Monday 10th July 2023

Friday 14th July 2023

Thursday 3rd August 2023

Saturday 5th August 2023

Monday 14th August 2023

Friday 25th August 2023

Private Lessons - available by appointment - please telephone to book 07881 948834

One hour plus 30 minutes free sewing time £29.50

Two hours plus 60 minutes free sewing time £49.50

Ref 999PL-2023

2024 ..

Flora Spring BOM - One Day a Month for 12 Months - £255 joining fee plus £55 per month

Ref 323/2024 Starting Thursday 11th January 2024                  9.30am to 3.30pm ..

Waiting List

I’m sorry, all my other classes are currently full.  To avoid disappointment please contact me to be placed on the waiting list for the next scheduled class.  You will then be given advance notice and the option to book a class place before it is released on the website. 


If you would like to suggest a future class, please email me at

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